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Ski Areas


Ski resort Rališka 

- The area has four ski runs, chair lift, ski lift 1 large and 1 small one for beginners. There is also a ski rental and ski school, night skiing. • area has four ski runs, chair lift, ski lift big, small for beginners.

  • slope is regularly adjusted and snowed
  • Ski and snowboard school
  • ski
  • ski service
  • Free parking (capacity 100 cars) - approximately 20 m from the lifts
  • refreshments at the lift (40 seats per session)
  • WC
  • children's ski lift
  • night skiing


- Acquisition of the fourth snow cannons brand Areca, allowing faster slopes covered in snow area 

- Acquisition of the second brand snowmobiles Kässbohrer PB 280 D with dvanáctipolohovou multiflexní cutter blade and IFF, with two rolbám will always be guaranteed condition of the slopes and in the event of any failure of one of them 

Ski resort Solisko

- Are served by 3 ski lifts of varying difficulty, where you will come to your every skier. Furthermore, there is a ski rental, ski and ski school, night skiing. • are served by 3 ski lifts of varying difficulty

  • refreshments
  • ski school
  • Ski service
  • ski
  • parking 

Ski "In spring Sachovy - West"

- Is designed primarily for recreational skiing families with children. There are 2 ski lifts, 1 rope tow children's ski school, night skiing, snow park for snowboarders small, ski and snowboard with ski service. • Ski service - rental

  • storage
  • ski school and snowboard school
  • ski school - with a rope tow
  • restaurant
  • refreshments
  • Free parking with a capacity of 130 cars about 170 m from the area
  • private parking
  • are prepared for snowboarders obstacles speed rail 6 m, 6 m box, also available broken box-shaped podium at 7 m, obstacles are placed in the middle of the slopes on the edge, free entry

Ski "In spring Sachovy - East"

- Has 4 slopes, ski lift 1 large and 1 small one for beginners.


Ski resort Kubiška

- Its size is ideal for snowboarding and carving. There is a large ski lift and baby lift for začátečníky.Sjezdové lines are at an altitude of 630 to 700 m. 

The area is suitable for its size and snowboarders carving. 

Sought is a daily evening skiing. 

In the case of interest can be ordered with a training instructor snowboarding and skiing. 

It is possible to use small and limited ski rental skis. 

  • Large ski lift and ski lift for beginners
  • its size is suitable for snowboarders and carving
  • ski
  • Free parking
  • Refreshment
  • night skiing


Other ski resorts, which offer excellent conditions for beginners and for advanced skiers, the ski slopes on snowshoes, Solan, Mezivodí, White, far from the hotel about 8 -15 km and are equipped with modern lifts and seats.

Beskydy hills are also ideal for cross-country skiing. Marked and maintained trails lead along the ridges of mountains, from which on a clear day views of the surroundings, the peaks of the Slovak Small and Large Fatra or Javorníky massif.